Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Best Essential Oil on Bug Bites, Cuts, Scrapes and Other Wounds

  Many times we go outside and forget the fact I make an all natural bug repellent that we sell all over the country and yes, we get bit. Sometimes we get bitten in odd places (you know what I mean) and sometimes there are cuts, scrapes or poison ivy we must deal with. After years and years of trying to find an oil that is both effective at stopping burn, itch, and killing germs to fight infection I have finally found the one I believe to be the best. It is Cedarwood Essential Oil, Organic - Atlas. This one oil will not only calm burning, stinging, itching and clean wounds, but it will also work as a very effective bug repellent. It could also conceal you if you were hunting or in the woods and did not want your person scent to be very detectable. It could be used as a great deodorant for men, without having to use an unnatural synthetic that are known to cause cancer. It is also not an oil that will give away your presence, because Cedarwood will blend right into the surroundings. It is what we use indoors for repelling bugs and IT WORKS.

  While we have many essential oils on hand, this one, Cedarwood (Atlas) Organic, has proven to be worth it's weight in gold, in both summer and winter. It's also highly antiseptic, antiviral, and antibacterial. We are currently using on a rash for my oldest daughter with wonderful results. After trying other creams, this oil seems to be doing way more to both heal skin and kill whatever is causing the problem.
  Have you ever been covered in chiggers? This oil can be applied in small amounts, straight on the skin and you will feel the calming in seconds. It is much more effective than Lavender, even for delicate areas. Yes, I am speaking from personal experience. Funny how Cedar is still used for a natural repellent when building chests for clothes. I think our ancestors and those who lived before us knew a lot more than we do now, and there must have been something to using Cedarwood when it comes to bugs. If you have ever owned a Cedar chest, you know how amazingly effective it is at repelling bugs.
  I would not recommend any pregnant women use. It can be ingested but not by pregnant women. It also must be an Atlas variety only to be ingested. Others are toxic, and cannot be ingested, so know your oils!  It can also be used for allergies. I combine it with Frankincense and other oils to reduce swelling and calm histamines when I have an allergy flair up, which happens often because I am allergic to a lot of things. For bug bites, cuts, poison ivy and scrapes you can rub right onto skin, but if there is a large open wound dilute it a bit. We used on a wound from a mean rooster, after he scraped my daughter's leg. It took care of the burn for her and seemed to kill the germs that could cause infection. We used after we cleaned the wound, but it is highly anti-septic and will also work to clean a wound if needed because nothing else was available. If you were hunting, cutting wood, or fishing and needed an all purpose oil, this would be it. Pests, wounds, poison ivy and calms stings or bites without a heavy scent. To get rid of lice, and or skin mites, simply dilute slightly into a bit of carrier oil and rub into skin or hair. For repelling bugs, rub (diluted) into skin, on clothes or put onto a cotton ball and place it where ever you want pests and rodents to stay away. Another use for getting rid of winter critters (such as spiders that hide) is to place the oil on the cotton balls and put the cotton balls into jacket pockets and into boots. It works on mice and snakes as well. It is my indoor version of moth balls. I hope if you are looking into keeping a natural pest repellent on hand or prepping your natural medicine cabinet, you will keep this great oil on hand. It's my favorite way to stop those summer itches, stings and bites!

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