Saturday, October 1, 2016

Ways To Take Care Of Your Animals If SHTF

  We are a family living off the land and when it comes to our animals we try to do most things ourselves. If we cannot do what needs to be done, we do have a vet. However we can do most things ourselves and vets are VERY costly in the country, especially if they must drive to your home or farm. The animals best interests come first and foremost, but there are a lot of things people can do to care for their pets when/if shtf by learning from farmers or homesteaders. Here is how we care for our pets and large animals using mostly natural items. I write this as we are nursing a new stray kitty back to health. This little one was found in the tree when doing morning chores and my little girls took it in. Now it's flea free and rid of the eye infection it came with as well. The cost was little to nothing as I keep all the items on hand for just in case purposes anyway.
 1-  First we will cover pests. The majority of pests can be dealt with by using a few simple and natural bought items. Most pests such as fleas, ticks, mites, scabies and mange can be killed easily by using Listerine or any mouth wash with the basic ingredients as Listerine which are Eucalyptol, Menthol, and Thymol. I bought some yesterday (an cheaper brand) at Save A Lot for $1.99. As long as it has the three named ingredients it will work as well as the name brand. A very cost effective remedy that works even on super lice. Many essential oils will repel bugs but Thyme essential oil is the only one to my knowledge that can kill pests that is recorded and proven. So to make the mixture, add a few drops of Thyme essential oil to the mouthwash and you have a very potent bug killer that will NOT harm your animals. It can even be used on puppies and kittens without any side effects or harm. Try not to get into the eyes. Pictures below of how we made and used this on the new kitten. These things I'm giving to you work and work well. I have a YouTube link here for more ideas as well.
To use this safe, natural remedy simply soak animal's fur in this mixture after a good bath and let dry without any assistance. Don't rub off with a towel or use a hair dryer. Just let it dry on naturally. *Use this same recipe to make a spray for carpet, couches, rugs, bedding, pillows and other cloth surfaces that aren't easy to wash or clean. Just put into spray bottle and go right ahead and spray. Cloth surfaces hold bugs longer than hard and they must be treated as well.
For any and all animals with external pests, pour or spray on your animals very liberally and avoid eye area. If it gets in eyes, wipe with cooking oil to remove burn from essential oil. Be sure and massage in very well.
Below, we even dip paws.
For lice or mites in chickens or dogs, the mouthwash with added Thyme is simply awesome to keep fowl healthy and pest free. Works much better than DE ever did for me. Spray directly on fowl and especially their legs. Also free ranging your birds will help to promote less pests. *Spray animals dwellings with this mixture as well.  
Another amazing pest killer for animals or people is Kleen Green Naturally Enzymes.  Works very well on many bugs such as scabies, lice, mange on animals, bedbugs, any other mites and so forth. It is made of a natural yeast that breaks down the exoskeleton of the pests. This is a product I NEVER will be without, after a trip to the laundry mat 10yrs ago left our family with a scabies infestation. YUCK! Even the meds the doctor gave us didn't help, but this stuff did the trick in days! I covered the house with it and did the laundry with it as well. It's totally safe. I will also NEVER go to a laundry mat again after that. Learning how to do clothes by hand has also been a great blessing when the washer goes out.
2- Next is disease. The next 'must have' is a natural antibiotic known as Ionic Colloidal Silver. This particular type is made with reverse polarity ionization by a maker we know and trust. Colloidal Silver is invaluable to animals (or people) and can help an infection clear up in days. During a shtf situation you could very well need an antibiotic for your family or pets and be unable to get one. It is ingestible and made in distilled water, so there is no taste what so ever. You can pour into animals water and they will never know they are consuming it. This very strong natural antibiotic is a must. Using on topical wounds or an infected eye (such as pink eye) can be very easy to do since it doesn't sting or burn. I sprayed this directly into the stray cat's eye with almost no resistance. Of course it could be used for people too. I am a going to show you pictures of our kittens eye only 1 day (24hrs) from the time we began spraying him.
Look below at the eye on your left, we had just wiped out the pussy junk, but it is still dull and slightly has junk in the corner. I should have left the pussy stuff, but didn't think about writing the article/post until afterward. However, you can see it is quite dull and swollen.
We sprayed it about 5 times within a 24 hr period.
Infection healed in a day. No problem. Below is eye after the 5 sprays. Both eyes are clean and clear.
3- Now let's talk about diseases. I cannot recommend Litsea Cubeba or Tea Tree essential oils enough. For fungus: I have the Mississippi State Extension Agent for Union Co, MS as a customer of ours.  She has show cows and swears by our Tea Tree oil on her cows for fungus and ringworm issues. Knocks it out in a matter of days. Once she was under the gun before a show and needed to get rid of the ring worm quickly. She turned to the essential oil and was very surprised to see how quickly it worked. Do you have an animal with extremely itchy skin? It is probably a fungus that has taken up residence under the skin. Give Tea Tree a try and watch it fade quickly. The taste of the oil will also keep the dog/cat from licking the area and making it worse. Vinegar is another option for skin fungus. Healthy animals also need to be outside pets, not cooped up inside. God made them to need the fresh air and sunshine just like people.
  For any viral issues (and most poultry illneses are viral) with your poultry or none rumen animals, the Litsea Cubeba will stop things like bird flu, Cocci, and other respiratory issues in no time. Simply drop into water and watch the disease stop. *Also pray animals dwelling with Litsea and Witch Hazel for cleaning virus from surfaces and air. No need to wipe. Do this once a day for two or three days and you're good. I hope these ideas give you some helpful ways to treat your animals if you ever cannot get to a vet or want to use natural remedies as well.