Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Grow'n Greens & Purples with "them".

One way to save money and to expand the vegetable horizons for little ones is to grow some cool looking things they have never seen before. I love getting out with them and even when it gets cool, you can grow some really neat greens or purples. In the south some things pose more of a problem to to grow in our weather and soil than others. If you can't grow anything else, you can grow some Turnip Greens. My cousin said she could throw 'em straight out in grass and they'd grow through the winter. Many folks have told me the same thing, though I've never done it. I know hunters do Kale that'a way. So here's to getting their vitamins down one trick at a time. Let them grow them themselves! They love it and with something so easy as Turnip Greens, you can't hardly loose. They're not only in green though, many varieties of greens also come in purple or a red-ish color. No edible bulb like the turnip though, as most are mustard varieties, but some good eat'n none the less. How many kids out there are going to be so eager about another serving of green junk that looks just like the last (cooked to mush) put on their plates? So this go round I tried to throw in some purple ( called Japanese Red ) mustard greens and it was so much fun teaching them about the B vitamin content and all those greens have to offer.
For those interested in a basic turnip green how to, here's an easy recipe from my Granny (with healthier options) for some "real southern greens". Serve up with a mess of cornbread and Viola! First, salt down your greens in cold water if they just came in the house, this brings all the little guys (bugs) to the top or out so you'll be able to wash 'em clean. Next, let 'em soak a few minutes. This feeds 8, so decrease if you need to. Then rinse real good, tear apart with your hands and fill up a big ole crock pot till its full. If you got 'em, add turnips. Drop a few teaspoons of Lard, or Coconut Oil in to help mellow flavor. Add about (she never measured a thing) 1 Tablespoon Paprika, and about 1Tablespoon Cumin. Next add about 2 Tablespoons Sea Salt, a pinch of black pepper and fill with water to the top to cover greens. Turn on high, and watch. They will cook down after an hour and you'll need to add more. I usually add the second time, as much as I put in the first. They cook way down like spinach. Let cook all afternoon and fix up some skillet cornbread to go with it. Enjoy with "them"!

Remove all the little friends first.

Catch the little guy on the rim!
Then add salt and oil or lard.

Grow'n Together

When they participate, they feel important.