Sunday, June 19, 2016

Natrual Homestead Pest Repellent: A Safe Farm Spray!

  Natural pest repellent are very easy to make. They are also very effective *if* you use the right ingredients. I started developing them for our household years ago with my children in mind and haven't repented yet. We now sell them all over the country and I write articles about how to make them for magazines, teach classes and blog here about them. I would like to share a few VERY easy safe and all natural pest repellents here with you.

  Here is my recipe for a our Natural Homestead Pest Repellent! I call it Safe Farm Spray. It is my main go to for all outside dwelling plants and animals, best of all, it works! I use it on everything. It's totally animal, people, and planet friendly...though I keep for outdoor use because the smell of Neem is unpleasant but is very effective. I haven't seen a pest yet that will not be effected. The Neem also helps to control fungus on plants. An added bonus. It is so safe, you can let your children use it, and mine do! They love to help and this is a great way they can.
  *Natrual Homestead Pest Repellent:  A Safe Farm Spray
  Fill sprayer with one to two gallons of warm water (not hot), depending on strength you are looking for, you can adjust here... a little by increasing or decreasing the water amount.
Add 1/4 Cup of natural or organic liquid dish soap (I upped this amount a bit)
.25 oz Lavender 40/42 (more cost effective)
.50 oz Citronella
2oz Neem Oil
*You can spray all plants, the house, the yard and animals (dogs, cats, chickens, cows, goats, horses, ect...). You can use in the chicken coop or in a barn as well. This makes 1 to 2 gallons. Pour into quart size sprayer if needed in smaller amounts. It is totally safe enough to let kids use as well. They love to help and this is totally safe for them to use so they can work with you with no worries! You may need to shake as you go, if you see the oils rising to the top. Usually that is not a big deal.

For all creepy crawlies, including ants, water bugs, roaches, or spiders. Also works on rodents such as mice, rats, snakes, and the like. This is an awesome all natural moth balls alternative! 
 * Indoor Safe Pest Repellent:
Place a few drops of Cedarwood Essential Oil on a cotton ball. Remember how people used Cedar chests to keep pests off of clothing? It works very well. So simply place these cotton balls wherever the pests come in your house or wherever you see them most. Viola, done!
You can also place a few drops of Cedarwood  and Peppermint into a quart sprayer and spray around the house. This is not only a great disinfectant, but will keep pests OUT! Use in water if you do not have witch hazel around, just shake as you go to keep oils incorporated. I have a video to show you how easy these are. Click here to see the video on how to make this all  natural pest repellent using cotton balls and an antibacterial house spray as well.
  To make an all natural pest repellent for people, simply combine any herbal essential oils you like. I like Citronella and Lavender. I say 'herbal' because they are the ones that repel the best. I also say combine because they seem to work better synergistically. When more than one is used, it is more potent. Simply put into a carrier oil such as coconut or safflower and rub on.
  You can find affordable, 100% pure essential oils and a pest repellent for your family (made for my own children) that is all natural, organic, safe for people and planet, from our family web store at You can also find our Bug Bar pest repellent at

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