Wednesday, June 1, 2016

More Healing Wounds Naturally On The Homestead..

  The other day our pony, Bella, decided to tangle herself up in her rope and cut a pretty bad rope burn on her hock. When she is not in the pasture, she is our 'sustainable' zero turn, lawn mower. We let her graze in other places not fenced by keeping her on a 100ft rope, so she can get around as she pleases. Well, somehow she got tangled and had a pretty bad wound that needed attention. We've always been able to treat our animals wounds, so this wasn't new, but the main concern I had was infection. Also in light of the new Veterinary Feed Directive, I am thinking more about sharing our natural remedies for animals and people. I would like to share what we do to help you when antibiotics are not required or even accessible.
  Here, in the picture my daughter is pouring an herbal oil infused with Comfrey, Plantain, Ginger, Cloves, Tumeric, and Jewelweed. *It is very important to have the children involved and to teach them as you go, so they too will be qualified to handle any situation that could arise. They may need it one day. We applied this oil to the wound, after cleaning with peroxide and iodine. The open wound is healing after only two weeks because of this herbal infusion. Comfrey is the prime source for healing tissue, the others work at keeping it clean, drawing out impurities, and are highly antibacterial. I am now applying our Happy Hocks. An essential oils remedy I first created to help wounds and foundering in horses and ponies. You should NEVER put essential oils on an open wound, it will burn like h*ll. Your patient will also not be able to trust your skills after that. So wait until the skin or a scab has formed to create a buffer to the wound. It consists of Litsea Cubeba, Fir Needle, Bergamot, Lavender, and Tea Tree essential oils. Any time there is an issue with hooves, or hocks, this is our natural go-to remedy and has proven effective numerous times. I'll address each herb and why I choose it later in this article. I'll do another on essential oils for wounds care and emergency situations. *We use peroxide while the wound is still open or fresh, and then iodine to follow. I know a new school of thought has risen about using peroxide, but it is a must when cleaning homestead wounds. Also at pulling out any objects that are stuck in the body. My daughter cut her foot and got an infection, after treating it naturally we were seeing that it was very serious, and had to take her to the doctor. Who of course told us not to use peroxide. After the week of antibiotics, she still had an infection. This was a clear sign that something was IN the foot. My Mom, a nurse, said "You need to be using peroxide and that foot would have been healed by now. Something is in it and only peroxide will pull it out." So I did, and within 30 of applying it, the stick that was jammed up her heel, came oozing out! I grew up using it, and all the medical persons I know still use it, against the modern "Don't Use Peroxide" shouts of our days. So in light of that I am going to share with you a breakdown of what we normally use and why. I give a lectures around the southeast, and if you can, try to make one. I love explaining God's design for nature and how it was created to be useful to us. I spoke at the Memphis Botanical Gardens just a few weeks back on wild and domestic herbs and how to use them for health and happiness on the homestead. These herbs mentioned are a main stay on our farm, I enjoy teaching about how to use them, so if you are able to attend a speaking even I give, please comment below or find my facebook page, Homestead Moma and let me know if you tried my methods or suggestions and how they worked for you.

  To make your herbal infused oil (I make a lot and keep it on hand), you will need all the herbs mentioned above. Gather them WITHOUT washing because you do not want to introduce water. It will cause mold and bacteria growth in the oil mixture. Tear and bruise into pieces and cram your jar full. Then cover to the rim with Organic Olive Oil. Set into the crock pot of water, to keep on very low about 48-72 hours. Only let the water be half way up the jar, so it doesn't get into the jar of oil.
  After 48 to 72 hrs. your oil has been infused with all those herbal properties you need. Just remove jar, wipe clean and strain through a sheet, pillow case or cheese clothe.
  Now you're ready to deal with any wound that arises, be it animal or people. This is especially designed for open wounds so do not add any essential oils to this. Here is the list of herbs and oils I use and why I choose them.
Comfrey: It is stiches in bottle. Proven to regrow skin cells and add in repairing damage to skin, this is something I grow LOTS of. Keep on hand and you'll not regret it. Even a wound that has been stitched up or glued back together can benefit. It will aid in the quick regrowth of tissue of any kind and even promote hair regrowth and lessens scaring. (I know personally)
Plantain: It is nature's drawer. Like magic, it will help to draw out infection, poison, stinging, pain, and objects. Not quite as potent as peroxide for initial cleaning, but very effective to keep on wound.
Tumeric: The best inflammation reducer on earth, as far as I know of anyway. :)
Ginger: The ultimate in pain reduction. If you can, keep this in the house or grow it to have at a moments notice. Highly anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and anti-viral. This herb/spice is not only effective at helping stomach upset, it is the best pain reducer I have EVER used. (Used after birthing)
Cloves: The highest ORAC carrying food on earth. ORAC is the ability to fight damaging free radicals. These free radicals are what damages tissue and causes aging. It is the highest in anti-septic, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties of an known herb. It has the greatest ability to numb pain of any herb. It is also why the benzocaine/novacaine family of medications was made originally from this herb. Highly used still today for tooth and mouth infections. Greatest germ killer around!
Jewelweed: Another good one for soothing pain, irritation, sting, and burn. This is an awesome remedy for bug bites, stings, and poison ivy. It is often found in the same area as poison ivy. *Again proof of doctrine of signatures. I'll touch on that later.
  Healing wounds in a situation where antibiotics are unavailable, or you cannot reach a doctor is a must for basic survival skills. In summary, our pony never had to cost us a huge vet bill, because we were able to (had the knowledge and skills) remedy the situation ourselves. In our society we have become too dependent on others for our basic needs and if we do not try to learn and pass the knowledge other generations have had, we will regret it. Other cultures, other generations, and other countries still hold natural healing in high esteem, because it works! Americans disregard for knowledge and skills may prove costly. I hope we never have to be faced with a day that we cannot access modern medicine, but the truth is I have many times been able to keep our family out of an ER, or keep down the costs of healthcare for us and our animals, just because of having 1- knowledge and 2- skills. If that day does ever happen to you...are you capable of caring for yourself or those you love? I hope you find my articles helpful and encouraging. Don't forget to like our facebook page as well. This is where I post a lot of helpful tips for the homestead as well.
Much love and blessings, Melisa


  1. Ty so much, as you, I feel like God gave us everything that we would need to care ourselves on earth, it's just man has misused it, or abused it,or destroyed it, I love to learn the thing you are teaching, keep them coming, thank you, pat

  2. Thanks Pat, I am glad you find the posts helpful!