Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Your Coconut Oil Could Be GMO Sourced!

  No lie, someone asked me about a year ago, what I thought about coconut oil. My answer was this, "Someone BIG invested in some coconut growing ventures and now all you'll be told is how healthy they are." I hate to say "I told you so", but, I couldn't have been more spot on. Now just guess who that BIG somebody is? Monsanto! Yep. Seems while everyone is jumping into that huge vat of coconut oil for everything from skin care to diet, Monsanto has been hard at work to 1- Sell you their new investment and 2- Produce this product to be able to contain the pesticides needed to kill the moths and butterflies that eat them or feed their larva. Ummm. Did you get that? Yes, the coconut plant itself contains the pesticide, so when you eat anything made from the plant or coconuts (including the oil) you are eating the killer toxins as well!!!!

  I was really amazed at how many natural food gurus and natural mom type blogs popped up a few years ago touting this amazing oil for everything from a coffee additive to weight loss product. Why this one oil, when there are so many out there that are tons more useful, like raw Shea Butter for natural/organic skin care? It was almost over night that this one item became such the super food. I do not doubt some gurus, moms, and others had good intentions, but I fear some were indeed paid to push these ideas and gain the coconut or coconut oil a spot on everyone's kitchen counter. Yes, something was telling me that much of the hype was a paid for advertisement meant to look grass roots and organic. That's why I DID NOT embrace the 'Coconut Oil' movement to the tenth degree. I NEVER jump for fads, even if 'Healthy Mom's' are pushing it as the best thing since Wonder Bread, and neither should you. In fact, if your not questioning something so big pushed by tons of  popular people, you should question why you aren't. At some point we cannot blame anyone but ourselves for falling of the cliff when we're just waiting our turn in line to do so, at someone else's encouraging. Of course NOT EVERYONE is out to get you or your money, just most people..Lol. Also another thing, I stated before, is how are all these 'healthy moms' and 'gurus' getting an audience of over a million within a year or so of blogging? Not grass roots, it's almost impossible to be reaching that many people right out of the gate. Wake up folks and realize what is real and then compare to what is obviously put up by media groups. I could say more here, but I'll be nice. Just remember the sirens and how the sailors would follow the beautiful music they sang, right to their own destruction. The sailors never knew what was happening until the ship was thrown against the rocks and dashed into a million pieces. The result, everyone was drowned in the sea. To beautiful music no doubt. Something to think about....

  As far as coconut oil, we use it very sparingly in our kitchen and in our business. We use it in a few body care items, but I only buy the Non-GMO project verified type. Look for that label and avoid ALL Coconuts coming from Thailand. These are where the coconuts that have been genetically modified are coming from. Look for the marking above, that clearly states...Non-GMO verified before you buy then die.
  As stated in sources cited below, even desserts are listing it in their ingredients, that the desert indeed does contain GMO coconut oil. So what about when you eat out, eat processed foods, or cannot tell the origin of the products? You could be consuming this GMO coconut oil and the killing toxins it carries. I don't know about you, but I'll pass. You can read more at these links below which are the sources for this article. *Although source 1 states only testing of GMO coconuts is going on, source 2 shows us that it IS being put into foods and is currently listed as an ingredient in some desserts. Like with many other GMO products (such as corn) it's never told to the public that is in the food supply until someone gets sick or dies. Then we find out it could have been from the GMO ingredient. Ask yourself why would they keep it on the DL? Oh that's right...people may choose NOT to eat it if they knew the truth. Hiding things from the public so they cannot make an informed decision should be illegal. In a court of law it is considered concealing evidence. But if you are a BIG guy, I guess it's ok with our law makers.

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  1. Wow. I had no idea there were GMO coconuts. Thanks for the heads-up. We only buy organic virgin coconut oil and use it for rashes and some eating.