Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How To Treat Your Poultry For Antibiotic Resistant Sinus Diseases & How The US Just Killed Homesteading & Small Farms

  There is so much to say here, that I'm just going to drop my recent Youtube at the bottom, so you can see it for yourself. We are successfully treating our poultry for antibiotic resistance with natural remedies and antibiotics! The turkeys we are raising contracted it from the feed. Once we removed the feed, no more turkeys got sick. Here is how we are treating them and how you can treat yours with inexpensive yet effective remedies.
  Also in the video I cover how we in the US, (the FDA actually) are going to put small farms and homesteading out of business. We have less than 1% of our population in farming (most of those grow corn, soy and cotton) and we are just about to kill those homesteaders and animal farmers that are left with a regulation called the Veterinary Feed Directive. You need to look at this closely. I explain in the video. Please like, share and subscribe if you are a homesteader, gardener or interested in learning more on these subjects! Yes, antibiotic resistance is real, but don't throw out the baby with the bath water. This video shows how to treat a flock with a few inexpensive items. Then how this antibiotic resistance is being used as an excuse to KILL homesteading and small animal farms in the US. Corporate farms will still use antibiotics in there animals to grow them quickly, because they keep vets on pay roll. Yet those who need medicine to keep their animals alive in a rare situation like ours here, will not be able to afford it. Please watch! You will feel the effects even if you don't fully understand the reasons. I firmly believe a famine could possibly result from this regulation. Yes, big corporate farms will still be able to lace your food with antibiotics, while the little guy will NOT be able to afford them for life saving treatment. Also the blog post below entitled "Your Staring Famine In The Face" should help you understand the depth of where this will get us as a nation.  https://youtu.be/Q0WUMWprz3o

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