Monday, September 5, 2016

"City Can't Pay it's Bills", typical American headline. Election is just 'changing of the guard' on the Titanic.

  * Washington Post article is linked below and is one of many reasons for writing this. I hope it sinks in. Here is what was in the Costco flyer for September.
Any questions?!?! Yeah, Mountain House is at Costco! Things that make you go hmmm....
If your still in denial about the direction of our economy, I just cannot do much more for you. Roll over, close your eyes and go back to sleep.
As more and more cities go bankrupt, I am so thankful we heeded the warning signs when we did. I have tried with all my might to offer help to those interested and even homesteader classes. No one is willing to get dirty or sweat. The article I list below is exactly why we were willing to leave the convenient life in the city, for the hard and dirty life of the country. We now enjoy the freedom to let our kids run barefoot because it's a choice, not because the money isn't there. Very shortly those people who refuse to leave their city life behind will no longer have that choice. Children will be running around barefoot due to a lack of money and guts on the part of the parents to build a sustainable life for their children in the country while they had the chance. Food that could be grown with a little hard work, will not be anywhere in sight. Eventually that bloated city money will stop and you will wish you had been willing to work for you food or move and drive a little farther but didn't because it wasn't convenient. And hasn't it struck you as odd that Costco is selling preps and other survival supplies? What do they know that you will not admit? Ship is going down folks and this election is just the 'changing of the guard' on the Titanic. Stop sending the GOP your money and buy a small farm house and get busy. Rent a fixer upper on the edge of a small community and commute to work. There are tons of little old houses in rural communities that rent for pennies on the dollar. You can do something to put your family into a better place. But get growing you some food now before seeds are being rationed as well as water. It happens every time folks, read history. I've heard every excuse out there, but your starving kids won't understand!
   Here is a typical head line for America. “City Can’t Pay It’s Bills, Making Major Cut Backs.”
Well, ya don't say?!?! How many times will the people who get up and still have a job overlook that it is only a matter of time before it’s their turn to loose it. I heard it said this way, “A recession is when your neighbor looses his job and a depression is when you loose yours.” Very well said. It’s not going to be enough for people to think only about food storage and how much prepping they can do from now to SHTF. You cannot store enough food to last your family several years! You people are going to have to realize that city life and easy money is based on a complete and total lie that is about to come crashing down. The city is a great way of life, but not sustainable for the long haul. One city after another is getting it’s hand dealt to it after waking up to the reality that NO ONE is too big to fail in the lower 99%. Those of us at the bottom of the food chain will have to totally find a way to fend for ourselves. No big banks care or will bail us out. So in the spirit of love, get yourself moving in a sustainable way before you loose everything! Can you live without power? Can you live on a 15ft x 15ft garden? Can you buy all the preps to feed yourself and family for about 5 yrs or until the economy turns around? I bet the answer to all of these are NO. If so, get the heck out of dodge and get busy on a homestead BEFORE it's too late and your stuck in a crash!
  See very eye opening article here at this link, Yes, another American city is going to have to make cuts to all of it’s services such as fire, police, trash, museums, ball teams and even the education of it’s children. The Fire Dept actually had some equipment repossessed. And what they don't tell you is how the city taxes will have to go up just to maintain the 'about to die status'. But why? Because “pride cometh before destruction and a haughty spirit before the fall.” Yes America will fall on it’s face financially and if the people do not begin NOW to prepare a sustainable way to exist they will starve themselves to death. Disposable and hyped up on credit is how the majority of the American people have chosen to live and it’s coming home to roost. You cannot live off of lies and fake money before it makes the full circle and comes time to pay to the piper. Remember Detroit? I wish I could make the mass of you reading this see how it’s only a matter of time before you are the fireman or school teacher who gets the cut. Only another 6 months before you cannot pay the mortgage or car note. Why you do have a car note anyway? You should be forgoing credit and buying only what you can afford. But that's another soap box. What could it be, only a year or two before your trash services aren’t an option and you must be forced to burn or bury your trash? Burning isn’t an option for those in the city and if you cannot afford to dump it yourself, well you should now see how diseases can take over a community quickly. What about the foods you have stored? Well the guys that lost their jobs two years ago are waiting for you to make one wrong move and they will help you with that. Or maybe you're already thinking about a bug out location? It's not going to work long term. Especially with a soil that has never been tilled or worked. What will you do then? You need to seriously get your family unplugged and on the path to sustainability BEFORE it's too late. You need food foraging skills NOW. You need a wife that doesn't whine about her nails getting done and her new clothes so you can buy garden seeds and a good $500 tiller NOW. You need to stop taking them out to eat and start learning how to milk a goat or grow potatoes NOW. If you aren't getting my drift, you will be staring at a starving family in the face. It takes a bit of time to get all the pond to feel the ripples, but eventually ALL THE POND FEELS THE RIPPLES.
  It's not about the amount of preps you have. That is also disposable. You need to return to the way of life that made this country great. At the turn of the 20th century the American population had about 90% of the entire population in farming. Now we have less than 1%. One question America, if you aren't willing to grow your own food and get a little sweaty or dirty, do you think when a crisis comes someone else is going to do that for you? Forget it, you will starve if you cannot start now figuring out how to homestead and use wild foods to get your family in a better position for the long term. We (my husband and I) both work and work the farm. We do it because it's a way of life that will be rewarding in the long run, not because it's easy. I cannot give anyone reading this a desire or wisdom but I can say, act now to avoid what is soon coming to a city near you. And remember, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. I hope you will check out my youtube channel for homesteading tips, wild foraging, soap making and herbal remedies. God put man in a garden to tend it and keep it. We left God and the land we were given, the consequences are about to be rendered. I hope you all find your way back to a love for Him and sustainable way of living, because it's the only thing that can truly feed you body and soul when you're hungry physically and spiritually and your preps have run out. I don't think you will like the results of ignorance. "If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy?" TJ

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