Monday, April 11, 2016

Your children need to be exposed to germs!

Yes, you read that right and this is one of the many reasons I raise my children on a farm. They need germs! Your children should be getting a decent amount of germ exposure. If not, your child's immune system cannot function properly. Immunizations are in fact the man made imitation of God's way of subtle exposure to germs to strengthen the immune system. So if doctors apply this thinking, why shouldn't you? However, in God's way of immune building, there are no needles involved. It's as simple as cleaning a chicken coop or climbing a tree. The facts speak for themselves here. As our society has become obsessed with cleanliness, our sickness has increased. I am speaking for the state of most of America; we are able to clearly obtain scientific data to back this up. Here (click here to read for your self) is one of many articles quoting the results of the study group, who published their findings in Science Magazine. It clearly shows the correlation of increased allergies and asthma to be directly linked to lack of exposure to germs such as you would find on a farm. The original article sites specifically the exposure to dust from cow manure. It produces a protein called A20 that prevents allergies! We as Americans have moved away from farming and living in agricultural settings. In turn, we are reducing our ability to strengthen our immune systems and are suffering for it. You should make it a point to let your children get outside and play. We purposely do not entertain our children with electronic babysitters so they will do what comes naturally to them, and that is to go outside and explore the creation around them.

  We know that when a child is exposing themselves to sunlight, they are getting vitamin D, a much needed nutrient. We also know that skin absorbs 70% of whatever is comes onto contact with. So are your children coming into contact with nature? Or are the lathered in plastic containing lotions, synthetically processed clothing, toxic soaps and shampoos, and constantly touching plastic and EMF carrying electronics? Do they go barefooted and play outside? Do you criticize them for getting dirty? Think about all the daily opportunities to encourage healthy living in your children. Do you do that? Or are you always worried about cleanliness and have sick children? Let them go play and have fun in nature, they way God designed them to learn and play. Do you have animals around? If not take them to a farm as often as possible and let them get dirty. Have them collect eggs and clean a chicken coop. God originally designed man to do these types of activities, and as the children are exposed to hard work, animals, and nature, they become healthier and happier people. Don't stop them from getting a little dirty; get outside with them to bond with them! Work in the dirt, milk a cow or goat, chase some chickens, grow a garden and do what God intended us to do and our families health will be better for it.
 God Bless

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  1. What wise words. I knew most of these things, but needed proof from another source. Thank you for posting this Melisa!